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“All In” Managed Print Plans for Small Business

Learn why a majority of businesses opt for an “All In” print plan that bundles the total cost of impressions, toner, parts, service and maintenance into a single invoice.

Canada’s Top Rated #1 Managed Print Solutions Provider

Save money, improve efficiency and achieve more transparency
around print related costs

4 OFFICE specializes consolidating print, simplifying the management of devices and reducing costs associated with printing, copying and scanning.

Assessment and Proposal

We will assess your current print environment and recommend a  strategy designed to increase productivity and reduce expenditures. 

Print Fleet Management

Dedicated technicians, networking and service staff maintain your printing environment for peak efficiency, longevity and up time.

Cost Control and Transparency

Achieve greater control, visibility and transparency of your print related expenditures.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

By maintaining and servicing your equipment for longevity, you can reduce your costs significantly, while also helping the environment.

Learn More about the Benefits of an ‘All-in’ Print Plan

Speak to a representative for more information on how we can help consolidate your print costs and free up you and your staff from the burden of managing devices.

Benefits of an “ALL IN” Plan

Understand and optimize your print costs

You and your staff no longer worry about service, parts and maintenance charges

You will never have to buy another expensive maintenance kit

There is no need to purchase or inventory toner cartridges

As service and maintenance is included in your plan we guarantee you will extend the life of your unit

Included in your plan we offer the best product replacement guarantees (for up to 8 years on new units)

Free up your capital and write it off as a business expense

You and your staff will enjoy the benefits of convenience and less headaches as a result

We help drive down your costs, improve your efficiency and reduce unnecessary administrative burdens.

Your Questions, Answered

Many businesses have already been through the process of having to buy equipment, supplies and service separately. Not only is this more expensive in the long run, but the time and energy associated with having to manage a device that is supposed to be working for you can be frustrating. Fortunately, when companies offload the burden of device management they save money, time and energy to invest in more important areas of the business. 

All supplies (toner and ink cartridges), replacement parts, service and preventative maintenance are bundled into one monthly invoice. 

Retail devices that are often bought online or in big box stores (often for less than a few hundred dollars) typically incur a much higher supply / running cost. Typically if you are doing more than 250 – 300 prints per month on one of these devices and sourcing your supplies and service separately, you are likely in a position to save more money with a business grade unit with a lower supply cost. 

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