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Delivering More Environmentally Sustainable Print Solutions to the Public and Private Sector

We are committed to protecting the environment by offering more sustainable equipment solutions to our customers and continually looking for ways to improve our own environmental footprint.

A Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

4Office strives to meet and stay ahead of environmental best practices in our industry and in addition, through our energy saving and cost saving print solutions, we have also help some of our biggest customers achieve their sustainability goals as well. 

Minimize Your Environmental Footprint And Reduce Costs Through More
Sustainable Managed Print Solutions

Our project with Lexmark and Sheridan college illustrates the remarkable cost and environmental savings that can occur with an Enterprise Managed Print Solution, with paper waste being reduced by an average of 30% and yearly energy consumption from print devices reduced by over 50%.

Before and after comparison of print related energy consumption, annual electricity costs and estimated carbon emissions.

One of the ways we help reduce our customers environmental footprint is by making their equipment last longer in the field, without compromising performance or usability.  In the end they reduce their print costs over the course of the contract and and also reduce their environmental footprint.

Sustainable Business Practices:

Working together with our customers and partners, we strive to minimize our collective environmental footprint through promoting industry best practices, improved processes and more efficient solutions. Below are some of the ways we work to reduce out own environmental footprint:

Product Selection

4 Office carries some of the most environmentally-friendly products in the world. Our partners— HP, Kyocera Document Solutions and Lexmark—were carefully selected for strict environmental policies and extensive environmental programs. All are ISO 14001:2008 certified, and Energy Star, Blue Angel, EcoLogo™ certified and do not produce ozone.

Sustainable Practices and Products

In addition to selecting environmentally friendly equipment brands, we also aim to maximize the total lifespan of our products in the field, which lowers the overall cost for our customers and on the planet. When leases end, devices are rarely scrapped, but are remanufactured and redistributed to reduce waste. When equipment does become fully obsolete it is sent to a designated collector and recycler.

Packaging Disposal and Recycling

We partner with recycling services in Ontario to divert packaging materials from ending up as landfill waste. Power Pax Inc. ensures that all garbage and wooden pallets are collected and recycled on a weekly basis or as required.

Electronics Disposal and Recycling

In addition to the proper recycling of products and packaging, we also pay rigorous attention to the disposal of electronics from our own offices. 4 Office employees are also part of the solution, as we encourage them to bring used batteries and other electronics into our office for proper and professional disposal.

Office Efficiency & Best Practices

Our employees share 4 Office’s commitment to the environment. Office practices we take to reduce environmental impact include: use of energy-efficient lighting; strict power-saving settings on electronics and default duplex settings on most print devices.

Delivery and Service Efficiency

Our delivery logistics are always scheduled and positioned based on postal code to reduce travel and fuel consumption.

Most of our service technicians live or are based locally within the territories they service and manage.

Consumables Recycling and Retrieval

4 Office ensures all of our suppliers have free cartridge recycling programs in which empty cartridges can be picked up and returned at no cost. We also directly retrieve empty cartridges as part of the contract agreement with certain customers. The empty containers are then saved and transported to our vendors in bulk—to reduce the impact of shipping—where they are subsequently taken to their ISO-certified recycling facilities.

Promoting and Enabling Better Environmental Practices

Perhaps even more important than the individual efforts to reduce our environmental footprint is the way we have helped some of our largest customers in achieving their environmental and sustainability goals, through better device allocation, energy savings and print management.

If you or your organization are interested in pursuing a more sustainable managed print solution that also saves you money, schedule a consult today.

CASE STUDY – Education

Sheridan College Achieves Sustainability Goals for Printing with 4 Office and Lexmark.

4 Office and Lexmark partner to design and implement a streamlined and sustainable Managed Print Services solution reducing the College’s environmental footprint, reducing print costs and delivering improved efficiencies.

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