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Answers to frequently asked questions

About 4Office

Head Office

425 Superior Blvd., Unit 1 & 2
Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2W5
Phone: 905-564-0522
Fax: 905-564-2865

Ottawa Regional Office

2615 Lancaster Road, Unit 15
Ottawa, Ontario K1B 5N2
Phone: 613-248-1500
Fax: 613-248-1501

Service Inquiries

In most cases we are able to accommodate scheduled repairs, in some instances however, service may be delayed for reasons out of our control.

Shipping Inquiries

For any device that is purchased, leased or rented under an “all in” service plan, delivery is included throughout the province of Ontario. For short term rentals and some table top devices however the shipping cost may be extra. Please speak to your sales representative for more information.

Billing & Contracts

A service representative will have the client sign an on site service request, which will include pricing for all parts & labor. An invoice will be generated and mailed within the month for the service performed, accompanied by the original document signed by the customer.

Yes, each machine has its own service contract. Service contracts are not transferable.

Registering is necessary to setup your User ID and allow us to identify what equipment and information belongs to you. To register:

  1. Click here to navigate to the account login / registration page.
  2. Fill in the Registration form making sure to include all the fields marked with an *. The information is necessary in order to setup your account and to automatically fill in other forms for you in the future (such as the service call or supply order form).
  3. For the Serial Number you may use the serial number of any piece of equipment you have on service with 4 Office. Make sure you enter the serial number and not the model number.
  4. You will also need to enter your Account Code or any Invoice or Bill of Lading number related to the Serial Number you specified. Account Codes are in the format ABCD99/EF and appear on invoices, bills of lading, meter read requests, and most reports we provide.
  5. Click on the Submit Form button to submit your registration request.
  6. Within five to ten minutes you will receive an e-mail indicating if your registration request was successful (or indicating what the problem was if you couldn’t be registered). The e-mail will also contain a link that you should click on to activate your account.
  7. Clicking on the link (or pasting it into the address bar of your web browser) will activate your account and bring you to the login page of our website. You must follow this link before you can use your user ID.

Equipment Moves & Logistics

It is required that you contact 4 Office directly before attempting to move equipment of any kind, regardless of the make or model of your machine. Some machines will require a technician to properly disassemble any components or parts. In the event of a move, we will need to update our records with your new location for any future service calls or deliveries corresponding to your equipment.

Supplies & Consumables

Supplies can be ordered more quickly and directly over our website by visiting

If your order is placed before noon, it will be delivered next day. For orders placed in the afternoon (after 12:00 P.M.), it takes 2 business days.

For devices not on an “All In” service plan, the standard fee is $14.00. For same day delivery the fee is $30.00 (Only applicable to Toronto & Mississauga at this time).

We primarily sell consumables for Kyocera, Lexmark and select HP devices. Please contact a 4 Office representative to inquire about specific models.

When ordering supplies please make sure you have the serial number of your machine. When the serial number is provided, all supplies associated with your machine are shown on our system in order to ship out the correct product. You may order supplies directly through our call centre or for more direct access go to and place your supply order online.

If you are on a Cost Per Copy Contract, 4 Office will monitor how many impressions you do monthly, which enables us to determine the accurate quantity of supplies needed.

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